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Service Management


Optimizing sales and service department potential is crucial to maintaining excellent customer relations. The SAP Business One application provides support for service, sales, and contract management, allowing you to effectively improve the results of customer interaction.

Key Features

  • Service call management – Enter and respond to service calls quickly, and provide support for service operations, customer interaction activities, and resource management.
  • Knowledge database – Access known problems and key solutions through a central knowledge database.
  • Service contract management – Efficiently manage warranty and service contracts, and help ensure the timely and accurate execution of contract terms.
  • Service reports and analysis – Create detailed reports related to call volumes, duration, and response times, and turn analyses into actionable information and results.

Business Benefits

  • Improved efficiency of operations due to automated and effective service and contract management.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to faster response to customer calls and inquiries, and improved problem-resolving functionalities.
  • Faster and better decision making based on timely, accurate data on all aspects of the sales and service processes.
Service Management (English Version)
Service Management (Chinese Version)

SAP Business One - Service System Demonstration

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