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SAP Business One Mobility allows you to access your critical business information anywhere, anytime With today’s technical advances, there is a growing need for connectivity and information accessibility as your customers expect you to always have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Key Features

Manage tasks and activities

  • View your upcoming tasks and scheduled activities at a glance, with flexibility to drill into details and update information if needed
  • Display all activities pertaining to a specific customer or partner, update activities, or add new ones.

View and interact with alerts and approval tasks

  • Get alerts on specific events such as deviations from approved discounts, prices, credit limits, or targeted gross profits – using
    an intuitive interface that allows you to sort various alerts by date, type, or priority.
  • View and complete approval requests, and drill into the relevant data or metric before making your decision – with just a few taps
  • Ask for additional information or provide comments to requesters in the approval and rejection process

Access real-time reports
  • Access built-in reports from SAP Crystal Reports software
  • Add your own customized reports to the application, and share them via e-mail

Manage customer and partner data

  • Access and manage your customer and partner information, including addresses, phone numbers, and contact details;
    view historical activities and special prices
  • Create new customer and partner data, and add new activities as new opportunities arise
  • Have all changes automatically synchronized with the SAP Business One application on the back end.

Check on-hand inventory and item data

  • Monitor inventory levels, and access detailed information about your products, including purchasing and sales price, available quantity, manufacturer, shipping type, product specifications, and pictures.

SAP Business One Mobile app for iOS
SAP Business One Mobile app for iPhone and ipad

The SAP Business One Mobile Application for the iPhone

Sales Catalog feature of the SAP Business One App 1.9

SAP Business One mobile application for iPad and iPhone


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