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Alert & Approval


Alert Management (ALM) is an ideal solution if you can identify specific business or technical situations that are critical and could jeopardize efficient operation, and you want specific parties to be informed if these situations arise.

Enables the user to create a large number of alerts which will be send automatically to selected users in SAP Business One whenever certain system events occur. There are two types of Alerts, predefined alerts and user-defined. In addition, approval procedures generate alerts if their conditions are met. Messages triggered by alerts can be sent internally, or externally.
Alerts are optional and can be modified, deactivated or removed at any time.

Alerts only notify the appropriate parties. They do not stop a document from being posted. The notified user can reply to the alert using the messaging function and this reply like the original alert can be sent internally, or externally.

Benefits of Alert Management

  • Active delivery of mission critical information:
    Support for e-mail, fax, Web interface, and so on
  • Personalized alert delivery
    Get messages via your preferred channel
  • Define which content is relevant for you
    Publishing and subscription mechanism for alert topics
  • Easy-to-use definition environment for customer projects

Approval Procedure

Supports companies in which the standard work procedure requires an approval from a manager or senior member in order to generate certain documents.

A document approval procedure begins as you add it as a draft document in SAP Business One. At the same moment, a request for approval is sent to the appropriate employee (according to the definitions in SAP Business One). The procedure ends when you receive a final approval and add the document.

An approval procedure can include as many stages as required, and can be based on complex conditions. The approval procedures are taken into account in the following scenarios: when creating documents via the document generation wizard, when running the MRP order recommendation report, when creating purchase order from sales order and when creating target documents directly from the base document. Approval procedures can be applied on sales, purchasing, and inventory documents.

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