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Standard Reports

SAP Business One provides a large number of standard report for each functional area and all reports can also print, e-mail or export to Micro Excel. Except the predefined Reports, SAP Business One have many different reporting tools to help analyze the business information, so as to find out the best decision making.

A demonstration of reporting in SAP Business One

XL Reporter


The XL Reporter add-on offers advanced reporting and financial analysis capabilities for SAP Business One. It gives the end-users greater flexibility to analyze real-time financial data in any format to suit organizational needs.


XL Reporter is seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One and reports on live data throughout various modules including; Financials, Budget, Sales A/R, Purchasing A/P, Sales Opportunities, Inventory, Production, MRP, Business Partner, Human Resources, and Service.


XL Reporter is designed to meet the market’s need for easy, intuitive and accurate financial reporting and offers the following features:

  • Multi-level reporting – Data can be grouped and viewed at all levels and information can be drilled down to the posting level. Custom parameters, such as date, customer, and item ranges can be created to show only data that is relevant.
  • Easy report design – XL reporter has an intuitive and user-friendly interface using Microsoft Excel and a meta-data layer that prevents exposure to technical table and field structures. It gives the end-users more meaningful views of data, thus enabling them to create just the reports they need.
  • Administration – Reports can be categorized and organized in report books or folders. Report distribution packages can be created and scheduled for email at specific dates and times. Reports can easily be imported and exported to multiple databases. Report data can also be refreshed at scheduled times.
  • Templates – To develop a consistent look and feel of corporate reports, XL Reporter allows the creation of pre-defined templates for special layouts or layouts with a company logo that can be used on all financial and business reports.
XL Reporter Fact Sheet

Crystal Report

Together, the SAP Business One application and Crystal Reports software deliver compelling reporting functionality. Taking advantage of these offerings will significantly increase your productivity, whether you are developing new reports, customizing existing ones, or distributing reports across the enterprise.

Key Features

  • Report creation and customization – Access data from multiple sources, create new reports, or customize existing ones in a variety of layouts with minimal IT overhead.
  • Report viewing – Enable powerful visualizations and interactivity using integrated tools such as Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex.
  • Publishing and distribution – Export reports to electronic formats that best fit your business needs, and deliver them either over the Web or embedded in other applications, including portals, while preserving security.

Business Benefits

  • Faster and better decision making thanks to timely and accurate reports based on critical company data across financials, sales, customer, inventory, service, production and operation.
  • Costing saving resulting from reduction in time and effort required to generate reports and reduced dependence on IT.
  • Improved access to critical business information any way people require it and at any time.
Integrating Crystal Report with SAP Business One
Reporting and Business Intelligence in SAP Business One

Query Generator

Query Generator is an SAP Business One tool that enables you to create queries using the SQL query engine. This tool is designed for data retrieval/selection only, and not for updates.
The Query Generator enables you to:

  • Create nearly any query yourself that can quickly answer questions arising in your company.
  • Access all the data in the database and evaluate it according to your needs.
  • Create individual report forms using the simple query syntax.

After defining a query, save it for fast access in the User Queries library. You can change or restructure your saved queries at any time.

SAP Business One Query Generator


Dashboards are an element of the cockpit, which present easy-to-understand visualizations, such as bar or pie charts, of transactional data from the SAP Business One database. Depending on the dashboard, data can be presented either as time-specific static snapshots or as refreshable visualizations. SAP delivers predefined dashboards for financials, sales, and service modules. In addition, SAP Business One partners and customers can create their own dashboards.


SAP Business One - The cockpits System Demo

Drag and Relate

Use Drag & Relate to quickly produce reports and access information in SAP Business One. You drag master data or system setup data, for example, business partner master data, item groups, accounts or payment terms, and relate it to business process information, for example A/R invoices, deliveries, purchase orders, or service calls.

Using Drag and Relate Technology in SAP Business One

Relationship Map

Relationship Map is a simple and clear visualization tool to help user to see the relationship between all related documents in a document chain. The map display all documents related to the original document, including Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Production and Banking module. Within this relationship map you can drill down into the document itself for detail or show the journal entries for the selected document.

SAP Business One Relationship Map

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