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Valogix Inventory Optimization

  Inventory Planning for Small and Mid Size Business

Valogix provides automated planning tools that improve your inventory investment, reducing the amount of time required to properly plan your inventory. By automatically forecasting, replenishing, and optimizing you can manage your inventory more efficiently and meet the demands of customers and suppliers at lower costs.

The new VALOGIX® Inventory Planner Enterprise Edition V8 is a Web based/multi-tier architecture designed for ease of use and delivery of rich content. It is browser-based allowing you to open Valogix with your regular Internet web browser. This means you are ready to plan anytime and anyplace. This new version builds on the strong value Valogix provides to companies every day around the world.

Inventory management is of critical importance today. Your customers rely on you to meet their orders when they want them. Timely and cost effective delivery of items and services is a constant challenge. Good supply chain management can help you develop and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Valogix helps improve your competitive advantage without the high cost of other expensive solutions. By using high performance forecasting models, calculating an optimal stocking quantity, and determining the best time and quantity to replenish, Valogix helps achieve high service levels while minimizing your inventory investment. In addition, Valogix tracks the financial value of your inventory and identifies active, excess, and obsolete inventory.

The VALOGIX® ADAPT Planning Engine is the core technology employing state-of-the-art techniques to forecast, plan, and determine the optimal stocking quantity of inventory items. This unique planning engine is at the heart of all Valogix advanced solutions.

Valogix solutions automatically select a forecast method that best fits for each item. It combines forecasting with planned demand such as scheduled maintenance and customer orders, and automatically accounts for unique factors such as seasonal requirements if necessary. As an advanced solution, Valogix helps decide which items to stock and which items are obsolete or inactive.

Improving business management requires dynamic and flexible tools like Valogix Planner. Valogix solutions are both a daily planning tool (Operational use) and a monthly and yearly inventory investment analysis (Strategic analytics).

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