MARIProject is a business management solution for project-driven small and midsize businesses.

MARIProject is based on SAP Business One and extends the ERP solution by flexible functions in the following areas:

Project Costing 
Resource Management
Time Recording 
Travel Expenses Accounting
Customer Service
Project Billing 
Project Controlling

The integration of ERP and project management functionalities in a single software offers advantagesinmanyplacesforthetimelyimplementationofprojectswithinthebudget framework.

Reduce administrative time and cost with MARIProject

The introduction of MARIProject and SAP Business One already pays off within a short time. Because master data is stored only once in the software, the administrative time and cost in the project decreased significantly, as our customers report.

Further savings potential in the administrative project management is created, for example, by efficient calculation, reduced errors in the billing of services, improved stock management, intelligent functions in purchasing, the efficient use of all resources and the up-to-the-minute project controlling.

Automatic focus on project efficiency with MARIProject

Due to the up-to-the-minute reports that you get with just a few mouse clicksyou have the current economic status of your projects very easy at glance with MARIProject.

MARIProject ensures data security

To ensure data protection and data security, even though all the data is stored in single software,MARIProject supports role-based authorization concept. Use clear matrix of rights to manage access and editing rights for individual employees and employee groups. In this way, you ensure that everyone can see only the information he needs for his tasks.

MARIProject is a reliable software that is quickly ready for operation

MARIProject has been awarded by SAP AG with the designation "Certified Integration with SAP Applications" and "SAP Qualified Solution for SAP Business One". This means MARIProject meets the high quality standards in accordance with SAP certification procedures. In addition, the proven standards ensure quick installation and the functioning of the software.

MARIProject offers a good price/performance ratio

Despite thelargescope of functions, MARIProject with SAP Business One is an affordable and at the same time contemporary solution.

Managing Project Efficiently - Brief
Managing Project Efficiently - Detail